• J.Divya Department of Pharmacology, Hindu College of Pharmacy Guntur- 522002, A.P, India
  • D.Brahma Srinivasa Rao Department of Pharmacology, Hindu College of Pharmacy Guntur- 522002, A.P, India
  • Y.Anil Kumar Department of Pharmacology, Hindu College of Pharmacy Guntur- 522002, A.P, India
  • K.Ravi Kumar Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Hindu College of Pharmacy Guntur- 522002, A.P, India


Herbal medicine is the oldest form of health care known to mankind. Medicinal plants can be important sources of unknown chemical substances with potential therapeutic effects. The study of plant species with diuretic effects is still a fruitful research in search of new diuretic and sedative drugs. The present study was carried out to evaluate the diuretic and sedative effect of ethanolic extract of Basella alba (BAE) in wistar rats & mice by using Lipschitz model and Rota rod model respectively. The urine volume, electrolyte levels in rats and fall of time of mices from rota rod were measured. BAE showed significant (p<0.05) diuretic and sedative activity of two doses (100mg/kg & 200mg/kg, p.o) tested, When compared to control and drugs furosemide and diazepam respectively. Hence, the BAE possess diuretic and sedative activity.

Keywords: Diuretic, urine volume, electrolytes, sedative, fall of time, furosemide, diazepam


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